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Beast In Black `Berserker’ Album Review

Beast In Black, a name unfamiliar with too most, yet Anton Kabanen may not be. Anton parted ways with previous band Battle Beast in 2015, it wasn’t too long until he decided to commence with a new challenge. 

Having already made their live debut, not as some pub band or trailing around the tiny venues of back water holes, they supported Nightwish.

So on to their debut album, entitled `Berserker’, does it bear any hallmarks of the Battle Beast sound or has Anton moved off into a new direction?

The album opens with the band’s self-titled track `Beast In Black` and in full fashion it kicks in with full on blasting Power Metal, the song really does inform you of how the rest of the album is set to go.

The song is incredibly bombastic all round, `Beast In Black` utilizes intricate guitar sections which repeats to keep an element of melodic simplicity, it brings in high soaring vocals which recite those grand epic tales of beasts, dragons and brave heroes, which yes really does typify all the major aspects of Power Metal. Yes it’s a little clichéd but its fun and really that’s the point. 

`Blind And Frozen’ is a particularly interesting example of where Power Metal can sit within metal, although the song still sticks to a specific structure within Power Metal, it does show off how there can be a softer side and less energetic guitar work. It’s far simpler and definitely with the vocals of Yannis it’s perfect for those huge arenas and massive festivals. If this band gets their break, we should expect a killer live show from this lot. 

Most Power Metal albums will contain a song that’s less balls out bombastic and far more acoustically lead, think Blind Guardian’s `Bard’s Song’. Well without missing a beat on hitting every cliché on the Power Metal check list, Beast In Black hands us `Ghost In The Rain`. This opens with chimes, reverb and acoustic guitars; it’s a nice slow down from a rather speedy album. Perhaps on a future album, coupling Yannis vocals with a female pairing would be incredible to hear. This song is definitely a lighter in the air moment. 

Beast in Black’s debut album is as power metal as you can get, through and through. With hell of a lot of widdley guitar solos and varied uses of the keyboard to create atmosphere litter throughout `Berserker` along with absolutely nut crunching high pitched vocals.

Its songs are all very upbeat, choruses very bombastic and ultimately designed for the massive crowds at Wacken to belt out when rip rousingly drunk. 

Yes it’s not exactly straying from the formula of what Power Metal is but above all else it’s meant to be FUN!

If you love bands like Blind Guardian, Battle Beast or pretty much anything that has emanated from our European cousins in terms of Power Metal then this is most definitely right up your castle path. 

8/10 – Berserker keeps to the path well trod but fun none the less. 

Stand out tracks: 
`Blind And Frozen`, `Zodd The Immortal` and `Ghost In The Rain’

Track Listing: 
1. Beast In Black
2. Blind And Frozen
3. Blood Of A Lion
4. Born Again
5. Zodd The Immortal
6. The Fifth Angel 
7. Crazy, Mad, Insane
8. Eternal Fire
9. End Of The World
10. Ghost In The Rain

Beast In Black online:

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Cannibal Corpse `Red Before Black` Album Review

Cannibal Corpse, they really need no introduction. They are one of the few bands who’ve truly transcended their peers to where even your mum might be aware of them. However the band remain constantly grounded to their original vision, that of creating stunningly aggressive death metal, which not unlike their visual aids strike a certain emotion from those who are uninitiated. 

`Red Before Black` announces the return of producer Erik Rutan whose fine work can be heard on previous seminal Cannibal Corpse albums `Kill`, 2009’s `Evisceration Plague` and 2012’s `Torture`. 

With Cannibal Corpse now nearing their 30th anniversary and `Red Before Black` marking their 14th album, does `Red Before Black` signify any sort of step down in quality? 

There’s only one answer, No! This is 12 songs of sheer audio obliteration. 

From the album opener `Only One Will Die` through to `Code of the Slashers` and beyond, each song is Cannibal to a T. 
`Only One Will Die` launches at record pace and from 1st to last second, showcasing Paul’s ridiculously impressive and aggressive drum patterns which lay the foundation and then coupled with obliterating frenzied guitar sections however in all this chaos and ferocity, structure does remain and everything has its place with a song structure, there is a purpose for everything. 

The title track for the album `Red Before Black` showcases an important aspect of recent Cannibal albums, and that’s clarity. 
For example, George’s vocal delivery produces the same intensity and aggressive tendencies yet you can pick out specific lyrics especially on the chorus `Red Before Black`. The band themselves have mentioned that that the actual lyrics take a side step and it’s more about the rhythms and hitting in the beat with the rest of the music. Some may get a little put off by this, yet the way in which the band lock in and tight, the intensity and aggression just takes the music to another level and little concern is placed on lyrics when it’s hitting their primary mandates of intensity and aggression. 

`Code of the Slashers` is the lead single, what this track does is exemplify exactly what to expect from the rest of `Red Before Black`. You get Cannibal Corpse through and through, nothing is watered down, whether it’s track 1 or track 12, or as a “single”, it’s always fucking intense. Its guitar and bass tracks are incredibly aggressive and good luck trying to teach either Pat, Rob’s or Alex’s guitar parts they are damn near impossible. 

OK, so I know this is the 3rd song on the track list but to continue discussing the tracks would be simply going over the same superlatives. This is Cannibal Corpse, you know what you are going to get and if you don’t like insane technical death metal played with aggression, intensity and passion then we got two words for you...Fuck Off!

It’s almost impossible to sit here and pick just 3 tracks from `Red Before Black` to choose as firm favourites as they all possess what Cannibal Corpse do so well and have done better than anybody else for almost 30 years now. They create absolutely mind destroying brutal death metal. `Red Before Black` never lets up for a second, it’s fast, relentless, frenzied with clarity in attack and tightness. This album is a true testament to what Cannibal Corpse has been, who they are and who they will remain to be until time in memoriam. 

9.5/10 – Red Before Black is a pure statement from Death Metal’s finest and never lets up its intensity for second! Brilliant! 

Stand out tracks: 
`Only One Will Die`, `Red Before Black` and `Corpus `Delicti`

Track Listing: 
1. Only One Will Die
2. Red Before Black
3. Code of the Slashers
4. Shedding My Human Skin
5. Remaimed
6. Firestorm Vengeance
7. Heads Shoveled Off
8. Corpus Delicti
9. Scavenger Consuming Death
10. In the Midst of Ruin
11. Destroyed Without a Trace
12. Hideous Ichor

Cannibal Corpse online:

Thursday, 19 October 2017

SEPULTURA announce 'Machine Messiah Tour 2018'

In early 2018, Brazilian thrash metal legends SEPULTURA will head out on a lengthy and extensive European headline tour in support of their highly acclaimed album ‘Machine Messiah’, which was released in early 2016 via Nuclear Blast. Be prepared for a full 90 minute onslaught of pure SEPULTURA, with a set list featuring new hits as well as some timeless classics.

After an extremely successful tour with KREATOR and a raft of festival shows in 2017, SEPULTURA will return to the UK, Ireland and Europe with their most powerful billing yet. German technical death metal masters OBSCURA are confirmed as direct support, followed by US-based death/black metallers GOATWHORE and New Jersey's finest deathcore outfit, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY.

Andreas Kisser states:
"Sepulnation Europe, I’m very happy to announce our first headline tour for the Machine Messiah album in February/March 2018! I couldn’t be more excited with the bands that are going to be with us, such amazing acts like Obscura, Goatwhore and Fit For An Autopsy! So be ready, the Messiah is on the move, see you all soon! DESTROY!!!!”

‘Machine Messiah Tour 2018’
23.02.2018 DE - Leipzig, Conne Island
24.02.2018 CZ - Zlin, Masters of Rock Cafe
25.02.2018 HU - Budapest, Barba Negra
27.02.2018 IT - Rome, Orion Club
28.02.2018 IT - Milano, Magazzini Generali
01.03.2018 AT - Graz, Explosiv
02.03.2018 SK - Bratislava, Majestic Music Club
03.03.2018 PL - Warsaw, Proxima
04.03.2018 PL - Gdansk, B90
06.03.2018 DE - Berlin, Columbia Theater
07.03.2018 DE - Hamburg, Docks
08.03.2018 DE - Saarbrücken, Garage
09.03.2018 DE - Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
10.03.2018 DE - München, Backstage
11.03.2018 NL - Utrecht, Tivoli Ronda
20.03.2018 FR - Paris, Elysee Montmartre
21.03.2018 DE - Bochum, Zeche
22.03.2018 DE - Nürnberg, Hirsch
23.03.2018 AT - Salzburg, Rockhouse
24.03.2018 CH - Solothurn, Kofmehl

More SEPULTURA dates:
20.10. AR Buenos Aires - Groove
21.10. CL Santiago - Teatro Cariola
22.10. CL Coquimbo - Blumer House
24.10. PE Lima - Cc. Festiva
26.10. GT Guatemala City - Forum Majadas
27.10. MX Leon - Motofiesta 2017
11.11. BR Sao Paulo - Clube Atlético Juventus
08.12. TH Bangkok - Fortune Sky Arena
11.12. ID Denpasar - Hard Rock Café
16.12. BR Porto Alegre - Bar Opinião

More on ‘Machine Messiah’:
'Phantom Self' OFFICIAL VIDEO:

Andreas Kisser | guitars
Derrick Green | vocals
Eloy Casagrande | drums
Paulo Jr. | bass

More info:


Photo credit: Bobby Bates 


New video for ‘Better To Burn’, watch it here: 

36 CRAZYFISTS have announced an extensive UK and European tour for January/ February 2018, starting in Glasgow and finishing in Berlin.

Having just released their deeply personal album ‘Lanterns’ on September 29th via Spinefarm Records, this tour marks the first opportunity for fans to experience new tracks such as ‘Death Eater’ and ‘Better To Burn’ live.

36 Crazyfists frontman, Brock, says, “We couldn't be more excited to Come back to the U.K. And Europe in support of our new album ‘Lanterns’ and jam for all of our people across the pond!!”

The tour dates are as follows…

Tickets will be available from Friday 20th October at 10am (GMT) via all the usual outlets.

Music often functions as that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and provides shelter during any storm and calm in the middle of tumult. 36 Crazyfists understand this phenomenon first-hand. In fact, the Anchorage quartet—Brock Lindow [vocals], Steve Holt [guitar], Mick Whitney [bass], and Kyle Baltus [drums]—find catharsis within chaos on their aptly titled seventh full-length, ‘Lanterns’.

‘Lanterns’ is available to listen to and purchase here:

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Seether, LTNT & Sons of Texas Concert review Kentish Town Forum 16/10/2017

Sons of Texas
Photo credit: Nathan Kerridge-Porter

Ah Sunday once again! Is it the start of the week or the end? Either way, we all know work or school is only a short few hours away. So why not finish or start in with a head banging concert? 

Kentish Town is the setting, and the O2 forum the venue of choice, for a South African band to take centre stage. Some may remember tonight’s headliners as that lot that did something with that singer Amy Lee from Evanescence?” Well you’d be right, although that was 15 years ago. 

Anyway, Seether on the strength of tonight’s showing is not just that band who did that one song with Amy Lee. The South African’s can bring it and bring it fucking hard. 

OK, so Seether did not come alone for their UK leg of the tour. The festivities kick off with `Sons of Texas` (7) whose infectious Texan grooves almost Pantera like in their tone, do eventually warm the emerging swarm of black clad masses into a frenzy, their patience and determination shine through to get the crowd into gear for tonight’s next attraction.

The same unfortunately cannot be said about LTNT (5) whose wacky visuals and especially amusing use of opening music, seem to get the crowd somewhat interested. Regrettably, the rest of LTNT’s set does not do the band any justice. Perhaps, it’s a case of wrong time and place, yet the band just do not seem to hit the spot until whether out of sheer frustration or a what the hell moment when LTNT’s front-man decides to smash one of his guitars up, which certainly got a huge cheer from tonight’s very patient crowd. 

Photo Credit: Nathan Kerridge-Porter

Finally, on to tonight’s headliners, Seether (9) who tonight very assuredly show off their crowd pleasing chops. 

Seether has never really been at the forefront of any emerging scene or leaders of any musical movement yet they’ve received enough airplay and TV play over the years to garner a decent following to headline the Forum. They are above all else crowd pleasers and crowd beaters, songs like `Fake It` and the rip roaring `Remedy` really picks up the crowd from its previous lull into a full frenzy, occupied with the art of moshing and belting back lyrics louder than the band’s PA.

Of course, they played ` Broken`, which without Amy Lee as the added vocalist is definitely a little shall we say different however the band have probably played this song a million time in this way, but it gives the song a diverse flavour and it goes down well. Plus it’s always strange peering down and seeing what was once a writhing sea of sweat be transformed into a choir although yeah the choir is still full of sweat but doesn’t it sound pleasant. 

Overall a strange mix of bands but all showcasing different aspects from our beloved genre spanning music known as Hard Rock, above all it was Seether’s night and boy did they kick us into the new week! 

Bands online:
Sons of Texas



Tuesday, 17 October 2017

ARCH ENEMY debut new music video for "The Race"

Having just completed a successful run of dates across Eastern Europe on the "Will To Power International Tour", extreme metal giants ARCH ENEMY are back with another ripping single from their recently released album, "Will To Power", with the music video single for "The Race".

Founding member Michael Amott commented:
 "This was actually the last song written for the 'Will To Power' album. Listening through all the material we had up to that point we agreed that the album needed one more song that would be a relentless and fast paced counterpoint to some of the more epic compositions we already had. We sent Alissa the music and she came up with a thought provoking set of lyrics with an intense vocal arrangement that complemented the music perfectly. We've been having a blast playing this song on the current tour and we had our video director Patric Ullaeus come out to capture the mayhem at our recent show in Helsinki, Finland... Enjoy 'The Race'!"

Watch "The Race" streaming below or here: 

ARCH ENEMY will bring their "utterly enchanting melodies and savage riffs" (Metal Injection), to audiences across North America later this month as they join Trivium for a co-headlining tour from October 27 to December 6 featuring support from While She Sleeps and Fit For An Autopsy. The band will continue to spread their power in early 2018 as they have announced a Winter tour with Wintersun, Tribulation and Jinjer across Western Europe. Full dates can be found listed below. Tickets are available at


ARCH ENEMY “Will To Power Tour 2018” w/ Wintersun, Tribulation & Jinjer
12.01.2018 Munich (Germany) - Tonhalle
13.01.2018 Stuttgart (Germany) - LKA Longhorn
14.01.2018 Prague (Czech Republic) - Forum Karlin
15.01.2018 Zurich (Switzerland) - Komplex
17.01.2018 Milano (Italy) - Alcatraz
18.01.2018 Lyon (France) - Transbordeur
19.01.2018 Barcelona (Spain) - Razzmatazz
20.01.2018 Madrid (Spain) - La Riviera
22.01.2018 Toulouse (France) - Le Bikini
23.01.2018 Paris (France) - Bataclan
24.01.2018 Antwerp (Antwerp) - Trix
26.01.2018 Oberhausen (Germany) - Turbinenhalle
27.01.2018 Geiselwind (Germany) - Music Hall
28.01.2018 Tilburg (Netherlands) - O13
29.01.2018 Hamburg (Germany) - Große Freiheit
31.01.2018 Malmö (Sweden) - KB
01.02.2018 Oslo (Norway) - Rockefeller
02.02.2018 Stockholm (Sweden) - Arenan
03.02.2018 Gothenburg (Sweden) - Trädgarn
05.02.2018 Berlin (Germany) - Huxleys
06.02.2018 Wiesbaden (Germany) - Schlachthof
07.02.2018 Saarbrücken (Germany) - Garage
09.02.2018 Glasgow (UK) - ABC*
10.02.2018 Nottingham (UK) - Rock City*
11.02.2018 London (UK) - Koko*
13.02.2018 Manchester (UK) - Ritz*
14.02.2018 Bristol (UK) - Academy*

*without Jinjer

Tickets for all shows are available here:

ARCH ENEMY online 

NECROPHOBIC announce New 2018 Studio Album

Swedish satanic sacrificers NECROPHOBIC have announced the release of their yet untitled eighth studio album for 23 February 2018 via Century Media Records.

NECROPHOBIC are currently in the studio to continue their journey along the dark path they have chosen with their recently released “Pesta” EP - they will never bow down, never betray the cause, and will always stay true to the vision of ancient northern evilness.

Prepare for true satanic death metal!

Anders Strokirk – vocals
Sebastian Ramstedt – guitars
Johan Bergebäck – guitars
Alex Friberg – bass
Joakim Sterner – drums


Saturday, 14 October 2017

HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD release new video for "We Own The Night"

Hollywood Undead have just released “We Own The Night,” the fourth track/video from their upcoming album FIVE.

Watch the new clip here:

Hollywood Undead’s first three videos from FIVE have now amassed over 10 million combined views.

You can watch “California Dreaming” here:

“Whatever It Takes” here:

& “Renegade” here:

The band are currently in the middle of a North American tour in support of FIVE. Tickets and VIP Packages for all shows are on sale now. For all U.S. headline shows, Butcher Babies will serve as direct support. European dates will begin on January 24th in Glasgow, UK at the O2 Academy.

The number five holds a deep significance. We have five senses. Five points adorn a star. Five represents man in theology. For the five members of Hollywood Undead—Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Funny Man, and Danny—the digit perfectly encapsulates their fifth full-length offering—FIVE [Dove & Grenade Media/BMG] out October 27th. Fans can pre-order the new album from here:

“We’re five brothers, and this is our fifth record,” affirms Johnny 3 Tears. “Nothing gets to the essence of the music like this number does. Numerology has a lot of power. When we said Five, it just made sense. The fact that we could all agree on one word codifies who we are. It also nods back to ‘No. 5’ from our first album, because it was our fifth song. Moreover, it hints at this secret society of fans supporting us for the past decade. The number is significant, and this is a significant moment for us.”

Known for atomic live performances, the quintet regularly sells out shows around the world from Massachusetts and Miami to Moscow and Manchester. They’ve toured alongside the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, and Stone Sour in addition to notching features from Billboard, Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, Revolver, and more. 

24 Jan - Glasgow, O2 Academy Glasgow
25 Jan - Manchester, Manchester Academy
26 Jan - Birmingham, O2 Academy Birmingham 
27 Jan - Norwich, The LCR - UEA
29 Jan - London, Koko
30 Jan - London, Koko *SOLD OUT*

To stay current on all things Hollywood Undead be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or their official site.

BEAST IN BLACK release 'Beast In Black' lyric video!

International heavy metallers BEAST IN BLACK will unleash their debut album Berserker, in three weeks via Nuclear Blast Records. To give their fans another musical taster of what to expect from this 10-track power package, the band founded by BATTLE BEAST guitarist Anton Kabanen have launched a lyric video for 'Beast In Black', over on YouTube. Based on a picture by Anato Finnstark / Finnstark Illustration, the clip perfectly underlines the energy of the album's opening track. 

Check it out now: 

Anton commented:
"As well as the band name, this track was inspired by a character from the 'Berserk' manga. Though the lyrics are directly connected to that character they are also speaking in metaphors about something personal. It's one of the most powerful songs on the album and Kasperi's guitar solo in this one is probably the best one on the whole album!"

Pre-order Berserker now in various formats:

More on Beserker:

Berserker - Track Listing:
01. Beast In Black
02. Blind And Frozen
03. Blood Of A Lion
04. Born Again
05. Zodd The Immortal
06. The Fifth Angel
07. Crazy, Mad, Insane
08. Hell For All Eternity (Bonus Track- DIGI only)
09. Eternal Fire
10. Go To Hell (Bonus Track- DIGI only)
11. End Of The World
12. Ghost In The Rain

The five-piece, Helsinki based heavy metal band BEAST IN BLACK was founded by Anton Kabanen soon after he had parted ways with BATTLE BEAST in 2015. By the end of 2015 the band had played their first gig, as the opening act for NIGHTWISH.

Berserker was produced by Anton in his Sound Quest Studio. Its cover artwork marks the return of the collaboration between Anton and Roman Ismailov who was the original illustrator and graphic artist for BATTLE BEAST.

Berserker maintains the style of Anton's previously composed works which include the first three BATTLE BEAST albums. Influenced by 80’s metal bands such as JUDAS PRIEST, MANOWAR, W.A.S.P., BLACK SABBATH and ACCEPT, the record is nothing but a great heavy metal album. "It’s very straightforward, catchy and powerful and occasionally mixed with some symphonic influences," Anton adds. Lyrically, Kabanen also continues his previous style: "Many songs such as the title track, 'Beast In Black', and 'Zodd The Immortal', are strongly influenced by the Japanese manga and anime »Berserk«."

Yannis Papadopoulos | vocals
Mate Molnar | bass
Sami Hänninen | drums
Kasperi Heikkinen | guitars
Anton Kabanen | guitars, vocals

More info:


HELLOWEEN reveal 'Pumpkins United' single + lyric video; 10" pre-order live!

Earlier this year German Power Metal legends HELLOWEEN announced that they would be reuniting with former members Kai Hansen (guitar) and Michael Kiske (vocals) for a World Tour under the banner of “Pumpkins United”. It would mean bringing together the classic line-up of the band that recorded the seminal ‘Keeper Of The Seven Keys Parts 1 & 2’ albums (1987/88).

HELLOWEEN’s upcoming Pumpkins United World Tour will be nothing short of incredible. The super-tour, with plenty of dates being sold out for a while now, will be witnessed by more than 10,000 fans in Mexico City, 16,000 Brazilians rocking out in São Paulo, 9,000 fans in Santiago de Chile while in Stuttgart there'll be 6,000. In Milan, 8,000 Pumpkinheads eagerly await the arrival of the tour and finally – the ultimate mayhem in Prague with 12,000 tickets sold as well as in Madrid where, believe it or not, 14,000 Spanish Pumpkinheads will gather for this special show.

The news doesn’t stop there. The band, whilst busy in their rehearsal room have also written and recorded an exclusive song together. The aptly titled track 'Pumpkins United' blends everything that has made this band world-famous and a true trailblazer of an own sub genre: power guitar riffs, three-part guitar solos, double bass thunderstorms, and melodic choruses soaring above all else. The track is also performed by all three singers of the band's history - a dream hardly anyone thought would come true and as a thank you to all fans for a quarter of a century of HELLOWEEN mania and decades of loyalty, 'Pumpkins United' will be available via from October 13 as a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Watch the 'Pumpkins United' lyric video, here: 

Pre-order the 10" vinyl single now (release: December 8th, 2017):

Pumpkins United World Tour 2017/18
19.10. MEX Monterrey - Escena *SOLD OUT*
21.10. MEX Mexico City - Arena Ciudad de Mexico
23.10. CR San Jose - BN Arena
25.10. CO Bogotá - Gran Carpa Américas
28.10. BR São Paulo - Espaço das Américas *SOLD OUT*
29.10. BR São Paulo - Espaço das Américas
31.10. BR Porto Alegre - Pepsi on Stage
02.11. RA Buenos Aires - Luna Park
03.11. RCH Santiago - Teatro Caupolican *SOLD OUT*
05.11. RCH Santiago - Teatro Caupolican *SOLD OUT*
10.11. CH Zurich - Samsung Hall
11.11. D Stuttgart - Porsche Arena *SOLD OUT*
12.11. D Munich - Zenith
14.11. UK London - o2 Brixton Academy
15.11. F Paris - Zenith
18.11. I Milan - Mediolanum Forum
20.11. NL Tilburg - 013 Poppodium
24.11. D Bochum - Ruhrcongress *SOLD OUT*
25.11. CZ Prague - Tipsport Arena
26.11. SK Bratislava - Aegon Arena
28.11. PL Warsaw - Hala Kolo
30.11. FIN Helsinki - Black Box *SOLD OUT*
02.12. S Gothenburg - Partille Arena
04.12. D Berlin - Tempodrom
09.12. E Madrid - Wizink Center
14.12. BG Sofia - Arena Armeec
15.12. RO Bucharest - Romexpo

16.03. J Tokyo - EX Theater Roppongi
18.03. J Sapporo - Zepp
21.03. J Osaka - Zepp Bayside
23.03. J Tokyo - Zepp
24.03. J Tokyo - Zepp
25.03. J Nagoya - Zepp

07.04. RUS Moscow - Stadium
09.04. UA Kiev - Dvorets Sporta


Thursday, 12 October 2017

Foo Fighters set to Play 3 UK Stadium Shows June 2018

The world’s biggest and best rock band, Foo Fighters, have announced three massive UK Stadium shows next summer, hot on the heels of their acclaimed number one album ‘Concrete and Gold’.

Last Saturday October 7th, Foo Fighters curated and headlined their own Cal Jam 17 festival in San Bernardino, California, topping a bill featuring Queens of the Stone Age, Liam Gallagher, Royal Blood, Wolf Alice, The Kills and a host of others. Foo Fighters’ incendiary headline set was received rapturously by a crowd of Foo believers over 30,000 strong, as the band reaffirmed that they are absolutely without peer as the world’s foremost live rock act – something those who witnessed their Glastonbury set this summer knew full well.

Tickets available from 9am Friday October 20th from

Foo Fighters Play:
June 2018
Tues 19th MANCHESTER Etihad Stadium
Fri 22nd LONDON Stadium
Sat 23rd LONDON Stadium

2017 has been the year that Foo Fighters returned bigger and better than ever with an album critics everywhere proclaimed to be one of the best of their illustrious career. Modern day classics including ‘Run’, ‘La Dee Da’ and
‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’ are already live show favourites.

These three must see UK Stadium shows are destined to be one of the highlights of next summer.

Foo Fighters are Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear and Rami Jaffee.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

AMERICAN SATAN announced for October UK screenings at Prince Charles Theatre

MIRAMAX® to distribute rock & roll thriller from
Sumerian Films

In UK Theatres Friday, October 20th

Sumerian Films and MIRAMAX announced they have partnered to release AMERICAN SATAN.

Sumerian to distribute In UK Theatres on Friday, October 20th and VOD early in 2018. Miramax will handle all distribution rights outside of domestic theatrical.

Sumerian Films presents an Intrinsic Value, Jeff Rice Films, and Execution Style Entertainment Production from producers Andy Gould, Ash Avildsen, Jeff Cohen, Aimee Schoof, Isen Robbins, Matty Beckerman, Jeff Rice and Sean E Demott. 

AMERICAN SATAN boasts an all-star cast including Golden Globe Nominee Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle”), John Bradley (HBO’s “Game of Thrones”), Mark Boone, Jr. (FX’s “Sons of Anarchy”), Denise Richards (Wild Things, Starship Troopers), and teen superstars Disney’s BooBoo Stewart (The Twilight Series, X-Men: Days Of Future Past) and Nickelodeon’s Drake Bell. 

Check out the trailer here:

From the producer of Rob Zombie’s Halloween & The Devil’s Rejects, AMERICAN SATAN is directed by Ash Avildsen – Founder of leading independent rock and heavy metal label Sumerian Records. International recording stars Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides) and Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria) bring rock & roll authenticity to the film, starring as leads in the fictional band The Relentless that the movie centers around, along with Jonathan Davis of platinum selling mega group Korn and Nicholas O’Toole composing the score. 

AMERICAN SATAN plays upon the dream every kid has of becoming a rock star and asks the question, what would you do to achieve that dream? The story follows a young rock band that moves to Los Angeles to chase their dreams of stardom on the Sunset Strip. Hell-bent on following in the footsteps of their musical idols, they meet an enigmatic stranger (McDowell) who seems to know them better than they know themselves. Preying on their most basic desires and emotions, he entices them with an offer that sets them on a path to fame and fortune; but when they release their debut album, “American Satan,” it sets off a firestorm of controversy, death and destruction beyond anything the music world could ever imagine. 

The first single from the AMERICAN SATAN soundtrack, “Let Him Burn” performed by The Relentless was released worldwide on August 11th and hit #1 on digital music charts in 15 countries. 

Ash Avildsen: “Some of my favorite films of all time are MIRAMAX movies, so naturally, partnering with them for distribution is incredibly exciting. Finding a home that truly understands rock & roll culture and the loyal fan base that comes with this world of music and storytelling is hard to find in Hollywood. The MIRAMAX team truly gets it. I am ecstatic to show the world AMERICAN SATAN and give both the new and classic generations of music lovers a movie they can call their own.” 

The film will open in over 50 cities in the US as well as in Canada, Mexico and Australia all on October 13th. The UK release is scheduled for October 20th and plans for expansion in to more cities and countries is planned for later in the month. 

Initial screenings at the Prince Charles Theatre in Leicester Square are as follows:
Fri 20 Oct 2017 1:15pm, 3:45pm
Sat 21 Oct 2017 5:45pm
Sun 22 Oct 2017 3:30pm
Mon 23 Oct 2017 1:00pm, 9:00pm
Tue 24 Oct 2017 1:00pm, 3:30pm
Wed 25 Oct 2017 1:00pm, 8:45pm
Thu 26 Oct 2017 1:00pm, 3:30pm

Tickets are available from: 

The most up to date information is available on where you can also get tickets, along with and

Morbid Angel announce Album 'KINGDOMS DISDAINED'


The band’s 9th studio album will be released worldwide on Dec 1st on Silver Linings Music (except Japan JVC), reuniting guitarist and founder Trey Azagthoth with bassist and vocalist Steve Tucker to create this world beating apocalyptic soundtrack.

Just one play of Morbid Angel’s searing, incendiary Kingdoms Disdained, and you’ll realize that this is the only true current aural document of a world sinking into uncharted despair. “The album title says it all,” states Tucker, “everybody’s fed up and nobody can figure out how to fix it. We’ve got all these miniature wars in neighborhoods, cities, countries, and we’ve got people with varying opinions causing chaos, yet everyone is doing what they feel is right. Which all makes it feels like the world has reached a point of utter madness and confusion.”

As if fate constructed the moment, these forefathers of death metal found themselves witnessing the storm’s eye as they prepared to create Kingdoms Disdained, deciphering it with their ferocious music via long-held Sumerian-based beliefs.

“It’s been written but nobody pays attention, because we erase our history,” furthers Tucker. “We don’t understand much about the Sumerian texts because things got erased, buried and broken up. And for years, Trey and I talked a lot about the idea of those Gods waking up and coming back to show us that they’re angry.”

Recorded at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, FL and produced by Morbid Angel with Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Six Feet Under, Belphegor), Azagthoth, Tucker and drummer Scotty Fuller created 11 pieces of devastatingly dynamic death metal. Compositions such as “Garden of Disdain”, “Architect and Iconoclast” and “The Pillars Crumbling” supremely illustrate Azagthoth’s incredible creative alchemy with Tucker as well as his own peerless, legendary guitar work.

“We’re always trying to paint pictures, to create images,” says Tucker, ‘and I think this album is a fair image of the world today, but taken from a different perspective, the perspective of those Gods who built this, who may be resting now but are starting to wake up.”

Kingdoms Disdained also features supreme artwork courtesy of Irish mixed-media artist Ken Coleman, who created a series of pieces that further augment the stories being told.

So take some advice: don’t walk meekly around the edge of Kingdoms Disdained, go all-in on the journey and Morbid Angel’s intense importance to these times will be crystal clear.

Deluxe 6 panel Digipack with lenticular cover
Jewel case CD
Digital audio
12” black vinyl 180 gms pressing in gatefold
Special edition boxset

Monday, 9 October 2017

Enslaved `E` Album review

After an absolute slam dunk of their previous album `In Times`, Enslaved also celebrated their 25th anniversary, you could say Enslaved have had a lot on their plates over the past few years. So to get a new album this quickly from one of Norway’s premier musical exports is perhaps too good to be true and some may tread with caution.

For those who are strangely unaware of Enslaved, here’s a brief history. Enslaved, formed in Norway back in 1991, during the height of Norway’s influential black metal movement. 

Now they have developed their philosophy beyond a traditional black metal tone, Enslaved have added far more progressive elements to their sound. 

Some of Enslaved’s influences are clearly heard in their musical parlay, coming from the likes of Rush, King Crimson and Pink Floyd along with Mayham, Dark Throne and Bathroy. 

Enslaved delve deep in the history and cultural export of Norway’s heritage. They are hugely invested in their legacy, Norse mythology and tales litters their writing and new album `E` is no different.

Yet what of the music, does it stand up to older albums especially 2015’s `In Times`? 

Starting in the best possible place is with the opening ten minute marathon track `Storm Son’. The track opens up with the beautifully captured sounds of nature, which includes the sounds of birds and trees whistling in a light breeze. Slowly, the noise of banging enters the foray, until the bellowing of what can only be described as the horn of hell hammerhand (Yeah, Middle Earth reference) is blown. The track is then transported back down to earth with a very clean and airy guitar passage, which contains all the hallmarks of Pink Floyd. 

Despite Enslaved expanding slightly away from their traditional black metal ethos, they will always encompass the extreme metal aspects into their songs and there’s no shortage of that, especially when the track is over 10 minutes in length. 

What this track shows off is Enslaved’s ability to create extremely diverse and interesting pieces of music, and to create a track that’s of this length and not lose any sense of concentration on the part of the listen is incredible and Enslaved prove that they do not stagnate for microsecond. 

Up next is `The River’s Mouth`, is another track from one of Norway’s finest, where they simultaneously slam together progressive music and black metal elements with an almighty bang yet at times gives the music harmonious edge, although this doesn’t necessarily follow suit with the album as a whole. There’s definitely Mastodon tinged gymnastics of the vocal kind on this `River’s Mouth`. It melds perfectly with the aggressive sections and again helps to keep delivering the essential magic for a fully engaged listener.

`Sacred Horse` is another track with a shit tonne of layers in the mix, opening with a medley of instruments, which gives off the vibe of listening to traditional Norwegian music albeit with Personally, I feel that this is what traditional Norwegian songs would sound like if a huge Marshall amp was added and the influence of Black Metal and Pink Floyd into the mixing pot. 

An interesting aspect of the Enslaved’s sound is their superb use of layering. Enslaved do this in several ways, firstly they add a lot of fascinating instruments, some of which are unique to Norway’s musical heritage, yet others seem to be added just to make the listener scratch in confusion. 

Take `Sacred Horse` or the final track `Hiindsiight`, the former utilizing a keyboard and the latter a Saxophone. Yeah, you read that correctly. The instruments are used to create dissonance and not the harmonious relationship that is usually the order for most musical exploits. Whether you enjoy Enslaved adding in these elements or not, this seems to satisfy their interest in developing and bringing in more influences to the Enslaved tonality. 

Overall, this is a superb continuation of the Enslaved ethos. It develops their use of progressive music within Metal. Songs like `Storm Son` showcase Enslaved’s incredible ability to attach many appealing layers and keep the listener entertained and involved at all times, which is incredible achievement not just over one song, especially one that’s well over 10 minutes long but to do that on the album as a whole just shows how it’s bands like Enslaved who keep Metal fresh for years to come. 

10/10- Enslaved pushing the boundaries, remaining relevant and innovative once more. 

Stand out tracks:
`Storm Son`, `The River’s Mouth` and `Sacred Horse` 

Track Listing:
1. Storm Son
2. The River’s Mouth
3. Sacred Horse
4. Axis of the Worlds
5. Feathers of Eolh
6. Hiindsiight

Enslaved online: 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

ENSLAVED release official video for 'The River's Mouth'

In exactly one week from today, black avantgarde Norwegians ENSLAVED will finally unleash their new album Eand prove that for a band with more than 25 years of history, they are still reinventing themselves. While the 10-minute-long opening track 'Storm Son' gave fans a taster of what to expect from the new album, the new single 'The River's Mouth' reveals a heavier and more harsh side of the 14th full-length release. 

Watch the official video for 'The River's Mouth', 
which was once again created by Josh Graham (SOUNDGARDEN, NEUROSIS):

Songwriter and guitarist Ivar Bjørnson explains: "'The River’s Mouth' is a quite heavy track, drawing both on our rock roots and of course the foundation of everything awesome: mid-80s, mid-paced Bathory. It also includes some odd space-rock in the choruses and the end part - finally BATHORY and HAWKWIND met. I like the energy of this song a lot – both Cato and new-kid-on-the-chopping-block Håkon is doing such a great job with the psychedelic parts, the chorus and the ending. What a drive! The end sounds like travelling at insane speed through wormholes. The theme here is your relationship with the “future”, as we describe it: The sensation of time moving along is a construction of our brains – physics claims all time to already have been “rolled out”; try wrapping our brains around that one! So the future would be, speaking in tabloid; a piece of land we just haven’t arrived at yet. But it is already here. The song is about acting in tandem with your future self which already arrived at this “future island” – do not sit and wait, make sure you lay the ground for what is to happen in the future, now!"

The track list for the new album racks up as follows:
01. Storm Son (10:54)
02. The River’s Mouth (5:12)
03. Sacred Horse (8:12)
04. Axis Of The Worlds (7:49)
05. Feathers Of Eolh (8:06)
06. Hiindsiight (9:32)
Bonus tracks available on the digipak:
07. Djupet (7:39)
08. What Else Is There? (Röyksopp cover) (4:44)

Witness ENSLAVED perform their new material live for the first time when they support Opeth on their forthcoming UK tour:
15.11 UK Manchester - o2 Ritz
16.11 UK Glasgow - Barrowlands
17.11. UK Belfast - The Limelight 1
18.11. IRL Dublin - The Academy
19.11. UK Nottingham - Rock City
21.11 UK Bristol - o2 Academy
22.11 UK Birmingham - o2 Institute

The band will also be performing a special headline set in London:
24.11 UK London - Islington Assembly Hall

Buy tickets for all of the above dates, here:

Watch the official music video for the 10 minute long single, 'Storm Son': 

"'Storm Son' deals with the duality of man and nature, how important and basic that relationship is", explains songwriter and guitarist Ivar. "Everything we do and create are imitations of nature; as we evolved from nature, that is how it must be – yet modern man thinks he and she is independent of nature, that we somehow are so superior that we do not have to take nature into consideration other than as a backdrop for shitty movies. Or festivals. Losing touch with nature is basically to lose touch with being human."

SAVAGE MESSIAH launch video for new single "Wing And A Prayer"

British heavy metal act, SAVAGE MESSIAH, have just released a video for their brand new single “Wing And A Prayer”, which is taken off their upcoming album “Hands Of Fate”!

Frontman David Silver comments:
 "This is a powerful snapshot of our upcoming album, loud and anthemic! With my favourite guitar solo yet. We've had this song in our set for the past few shows and have been really taken aback at how 'instant' the song has been, and how well fans have reacted to it, so we're really excited to share this video for all of you."

Use this link to watch the video:

As of now “Wing And A Prayer” is available as a digital single on all streaming and download platforms and as an Instant Grat track on iTunes and Amazon.

The band’s upcoming album “Hands Of Fate” will be released on October 27th and is now available for pre-order at:

The album was recorded at Rockfield Studios (Black Sabbath, Rush, Queen), produced by Scott Atkins (Cradle of Filth) and mastered by Dave Collins (Metallica, Soundgarden, Linkin Park).

Right after the album release, SAVAGE MESSIAH will be touring in the UK and Ireland as special guest on the Cradle Of Filth tour. 

These are the dates:
30.10.2017 Belfast (UK) – Limelight
31.10.2017 Dublin (Ireland) – Dublin Academy
02.11.2017 Manchester (UK) – Manchester Academy 2
03.11.2017 Glasgow (UK) – Garage
04.11.2017 Birmingham (UK) – Birmingham O2 Institute 2
05.11.2017 Leeds (UK) – Leeds Church
07.11.2017 Oxford (UK) – Oxford O2 Academy
08.11.2017 Southampton (UK) – Engine Rooms
09.11.2017 Norwich (UK) – Waterfront
10.11.2017 London (UK) – Electric Ballroom
11.11.2017 Bristol (UK) – Bierkeller

David Silver - lead guitar, vocals
Sam S Junior - lead guitar, backing vocals
Mira Slama - bass guitar
Andrea Gorio - drums